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[IP] Re: protein in urine???

From: "Julie Britt" <email @ redacted>

<What kind of time span are we looking at from detection of protein and
failure, and what are some things we can do to prolong it?>

To slow down the progression of kidney failure there are at least three
things that can be done: continue good blood sugar control, control blood
pressure (likely with ACE inhibitor - which can also decrease protein in
urine, and maybe decreasing salt in diet), and sometimes a low protein diet
can help (but maybe not for your brother since he is only 17 and may still
be growing/developing).  I can't comment on the time span, I think it's a
very individual thing.

<Would he lose 1 or both kidneys?>

Sometimes 1 kidney works better than the other, but overall function of both
kidneys is generally affected.

<What happens when someone does lose their kidneys?>

A lot of kidney function can be lost before a person starts to feel poorly.
Once less than 10% of function is left, dialysis or transplant is necessary.
We can't live without kidney function and dialysis takes over for the
kidneys to clean the wastes from blood.

<How successful are transplants?>

transplants are successful, some patients are lucky enough to receive
kidney-pancreas transplants!

<They won't give livers to alcoholics,
will they give a kidney to a diabetic?>

Yes, definately!

<Do you know of any good books my mom and I can read about this?>

The national kidney foundation has some really good pamphlets online at:
www.kidney.org (go to patient section, then "about kidney disease") and
another good source of information online is http://www.nephron.com  Your
local branch of the kidney foundation may be able to recommend a book or
provide more information.

Keep us posted on how things are going.
My thoughts are with you, I know it's a scary thing to face,
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