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Re: [IP] Re: Sil Set Marion/Failed Pump 101

At 07:25 PM 2/27/02, you wrote:
>We failed pump 101.  The sil (inserted under the strict eye of CDE) 
>failed.  He ran high at bedtime and I couldn't get a correction bolus to 
>work.  I gave an injection and he was back to normal at 3 a.m (125), but 
>by morning up to 211.  I actually bolused at 5 a.m. and by 7 a.m. he was 
>90, so I figured the pump was working after all (I primed out 5 units 
>before bolusing).  He ate his standard school day breakfast which is 
>always dosed with 4.25 units and always comes out fine and today he was 
>350 at one hour after breakfast.  Removed the Sil and it was bent and had 
>something that looked like crystalized insulin in it.  Paged the CDE and 
>doctor.  Inserted a new Sil after injecting Humalog.  New insertion did 
>not look stable and tape was goofy, so we removed it and have been 
>injecting all day with b.g.s running 200 or so, even with 
>corrections.  Cde had no new suggestions; perhaps, returning to the 
>Quickset and changing every 48 hours routinely; at least they are easy to 

You say Gabe is 12.5 yo (al least that's what I remember).  Don't forget 
that hormones are starting to kick in, and this will cause weird BG's 
also.  Keep plugging along.

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