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Re: [IP] Re: Sil Set Marion/Failed Pump 101

We failed pump 101.  The sil (inserted under the strict eye of CDE) failed.  He ran high at bedtime and I couldn't get a correction bolus to work.  I gave an injection and he was back to normal at 3 a.m (125), but by morning up to 211.  I actually bolused at 5 a.m. and by 7 a.m. he was 90, so I figured the pump was working after all (I primed out 5 units before bolusing).  He ate his standard school day breakfast which is always dosed with 4.25 units and always comes out fine and today he was 350 at one hour after breakfast.  Removed the Sil and it was bent and had something that looked like crystalized insulin in it.  Paged the CDE and doctor.  Inserted a new Sil after injecting Humalog.  New insertion did not look stable and tape was goofy, so we removed it and have been injecting all day with b.g.s running 200 or so, even with corrections.  Cde had no new suggestions; perhaps, returning to the Quickset and changing every 48 hours routinely; at least they are easy to inser!


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