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RE: [IP] cost of pumping???

First, for your friend.  Normally arrangements are made between the
insurance company and the pump company for cost and payment.  However, it
may be helpful to go through a pump company representative to relay their
financial situation.   I know that in the past Minimed has arranged monthly
installment payments with their clients who can't pay the full amount up
front.  I would guess that the other pump companies would do the same.  

Second, for your question on reusing supplies...The pump companies say
don't.  But then again they are getting most of their money from the sale of
supplies and not the pumps.  I can only speak from my experience.  You can't
reuse the infusion sets, well the thriftiest of people may have found ways
to reuse the rapids or bent needle sets, but the cost of treating a staph
infection really outways the benefit in my eyes.  I order the combo packs of
the sils (5 sils, 5 sils with tubing) which are a little less expensive then
the 10 full sets.  I have a minimed, and reuse the reservoirs at least once
and have not noticed any problems (no delivery, etc).  I also swap the sets
and reservoirs when needed and am pleasantly surprised when it is at the
same time.  The tubing I normally will switch when I am switching a
reservoir, but often this is every 5th or so time.  I have a nice stockpile
of tubing at this point.  :)  The perscription my CDE gave me originally is
for more supplies then I need in a 3 month period.  My sets usually last ~4
days and I get enough to swap them every 2 or 3.  I have been stockpiling
supplies for a while now.  Both my husband and I work in the computer
industry and are grateful when we end our days and still have our jobs.

Hope that helps,
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