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Re: [IP] protein in urine???

     It is not uncommon, expecially for adolescents, to "shed" protein when 
upright. It's a benign condition known as orthostatic proteinuria. HOWEVER, 
when you add diabetes into the picture, it CAN indeed put an added strain on 
the kidney filtering mechanism. My daughter was dx'd in 1992 at age 9...only 
3 years later, her 24 hr urine showed 300 mgs. of protein (under 30 is 
normal/ 30-300 is microalbuminuria). The Children's Hospital where she was 
treated felt it wasn't worth intervening....nowadays they intervene at 30 
mgs, so I guess that's prgress!
    Anyway, long story short, it continued to rise alarmingly, so in June 
1997, she was started on an ACE inhibitor. She was only 14 & had had diabetes 
5 yrs. The ACE inhibitor was stopped briefly when she complained of stomach 
pains. The protein levels soared to 2600 mgs in the next 24 hr collection. I 
can still recall exactly where I was when the endo called with that result, 
so I understand your fears & concerns. As I told my friends, by the time I 
stopped researching on the Internet, I mentally had her "prepped" & on the 
table for a transplant. A kidney biopsy was ordered by the ped. nephrologist 
we consulted, and it showed very very very early changes consistent with 
    Her ACE inhibitor was gradually increased & by spring 1998, the total 
protein declined to 288 mgs....and each successive annual screening has shown 
increasing lower results with 116 mgs last spring & a NORMAL reading most 
recently. Ask any nephrologist and even many cardiologists & they will tell 
you that in those so predisposed ( which is actually only 40% of the diabetic 
community ( but WHICH 40%?) an ACE inhibitor can definitely stave off further 
     I have spoken to researchers around the world & they all concur that 
thanks to interventions like ACE inhibitors, the course of diabetic kidney 
disease will NOT be what it once was. Kidney disease was thought to ONLY 
happen 15-20 yrs post-dx, but that was basically because no one thought to 
LOOK for it any sooner.
     So the good news for your brother is that there IS something that can be 
done now.  Hope this was helpful...if you have more questions, e-mail me 
Renee (Melissa's pump mom/advocate)
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