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RE: [IP] travel with the pump

I have traveled several times domestically in the U.S. for business from
Logan Airport (Boston) to either Charlotte International or Hartsfield
(Atlanta).  I either set off the scanner or been pulled aside everytime at
Logan.  I wear my pump on my waste with the clip and it often is visible
which makes them suspicious that I didn't put it on the belt.  Each time
they pulled me aside and scanned me. After the incident in December they
have also made me take off my shoes and checked them off.  Each time I told
them that it was an insulin pump.  They never asked me to prove that it was,
they just scanned it and moved on.  I don't carry a doctors letter, but I do
carry the manual but have never had to pull it out.  

I was never pulled aside in Charlotte or Atlanta.  If you are traveling
internationally I would make sure you have all the prescriptions, labels,
letters, etc that are recommended by the ADA and then some.  I know of a
couple of cases where pumpers had trouble coming home from trips before
Sept. 11.  Some do to communication issues, and others just to missing
medical documentation.

I hope you have a good trip,
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