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Re: [IP] protein in urine???

> From: "Julie Britt" <email @ redacted>
> My younger brother was diagnosed as type 1 5 years ago.  He is 17.  <snip>
They said because of the high amount of protein in the urine and the high
bp, he most likely has the beginnings of kidney disease. <snip> Why is it
that he has had dm for 7 years less then me, and been in better control, and
he is the one with the kidney problems? >

Julie, I don't think anyone can answer that. Why is it some on here have 2
children with DM and I recently read of the mom having it, too - and others
don't have any relatives for years and years with DM? I still think it's the
luck of the gene pool.

>  Well, first of all,
> are there more than 1 thing you can have go wrong with your kidneys, or is
> this "kidney disease" the thing we've dreaded for years?

Having DM, it's probably the dreaded one.

> Does he face
> losing his kidneys for sure if he does indeed have kidney disease?

Not *for sure* but he needs a nephrologist ASAP! A neph will strive to keep
his kidneys working and perhaps greatly delay further onset.

> What
> kind of time span are we looking at from detection of protein and total
> failure, and what are some things we can do to prolong it?

See the above response.

> Would he lose 1 or both kidneys?

Both - they disease together at the same rate.

> What happens when someone does lose their kidneys?

Dialysis would come first, but no one can survive without kidneys.

> How successful are transplants?

I'm on a Yahoo! group similar to this one
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kptx/) and there are over 200 members. Many
who have had successful transplants (tx's) some even longer than a decade.
There are more up-to-date treatments now after the surgery than a decade
ago, just as pumps have improved from a decade and longer, ago.

> They won't give livers to alcoholics, will they give a kidney to a

ummmmm - ask Pete Rose and Phil Cosby (or whoever - of Cosby, Stills, and
Nash) about their livers. ;) Certainly they tx DMers, those are the majority
on the waiting list as it is.

>  Is kidney diesease more
> likely to happen to people who are related...meaning, does this run in our
> family as well?  I'm very very worried about my baby brother and would
> really appreciate any info or advice you can give.  Thanks!

Again, I believe it's the luck of the gene pool. After 51+ years of IDDM I'm
still the only one in the family. BTW, if his endo/dr. balks at referring
him to a nephrologist, INSIST upon it. My endo didn't like it that I
requested one since he thought he was doing his best. He might have been,
but I still lost another 15% in his 1.5 yr of *concentrated treatment*. It
has now taken 8 yrs for me to lose another 20%. Wish I had requested a
kidneyologist at 80%. Too dumb, *then*. I have learned. YMMV (~_^)

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