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[IP] Marion and Failed Sites

Hi Marion,

I have followed the threads about the trials and 
tribulations you and Gabe are experiencing with 
getting started, the tons of advice and counsel you 
have received from members of this list, but have not 
noticed (and it could be ME that missed it) if you or 
anyone else has raised the question of whether Gabe 
may be sensitive to the Humalog rather than the sets 
themselves being the problems?  Perhaps I missed your 
descriptions of the site problems you are having, but 
wonder if perhaps Gabe might do better on Novalog or 
on a mix of H & R?  I guess I find myself concerned 
and confused on how Gabe can be using UL injections 
with the pump...I must have missed something here.

I would agree with Gabe's docs that the pump is the 
gold standard of care, being a bit of a maveric and 
starting on this thing 20 years ago; I just wish it 
had been available about 30 years ago when I went 
through all my teenage angst, and that I'd had a 
parent who was only a tenth as interested in my health 
as you are!  Keep up the good work - we're all pulling 
for you and Gabe.
Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/17/82
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