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RE: [IP] travel with the pump

We went to NYC from Atlanta President's Day weekend.  No one looked twice at me.  I had a prescription for insulin, my insulin in the box with the preprinted label from the pharmacy, all of my pump supplies were in my carryon.  I am paranoid about luggage getting lost.  Also, I had my meter with me.
My child had those black clunky shoes on and they gave her the runaround(she is 12) and checked her shoes, belt, etc.  I think the pump is so much plastic, that it didn't set off the metal detectors in Atl. or NYC.  The bag went through the scanner and they looked but never opened it.
I did have a question about the pump when I went through the security checkpoint at the Statue of Liberty.  The guard just asked me to take it off.  I told him that would be hard to do, and he looked before I could explain about the pump, and said, "Oh, it's an insulin pump.  No problem."  I think that these people are very educated about things and realize that if the metal detector doesn't alarm, it probably is ok.  I assume this is the way it is on domestic flights.  I understand that there is a little more security on international flights.  Hope this helps.
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