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RE: [IP] Re: Sil Set/pumping once again

><I am just saying DKA takes a little longer than a couple of
>hours without any insulin.>

Absolutely.  When I first started, I got a static electricity alarm (I think 
its an E01 alarm).  Even though the alarm was beeping, I didn't know it 
because, being deaf, I can't hear it (the static reset the entire pump.  
Even though I had it set to vibrate before, it had gone back to factory 

I spent an entire afternoon at the mall and going out to dinner with my bf 
before I ever realized I wasn't getting any insulin.  Something like six or 
seven hours.  I was fine.  Sugar was up, but I wasn't sick.  No DKA, no 
ketones.  A little extra insulin when I had realized what had happened and 
reset everything and I was back to normal.

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