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Re: [IP] Intimacy

>My new pump is on the dining room table, anxiously awaiting use.  >Here's 
>something I haven't seen addressed in the couple weeks I've >been 
>monitoring this site - how does the pump affect intimacy?  I just >find it 
>hard to picture myself with something hanging from my

Hi Kim,

I asked this same question myself when I first started with my pump.

What I've found it its really a matter of how you and your partner deal with 
it, more than anything else.  When I first started, and put my first set in, 
I was determined not to be shy about it and would show the pump, tubing etc 
to anyone who asked, rather than trying to hide everything.  Doing that made 
me feel like it was a part of me a lot quicker.  I was open and honest with 
my bf about D, the pump (and everything else) and let him ask whatever 
questions he wanted.

email @ redacted

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