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[IP] protein in urine???

My younger brother was diagnosed as type 1 5 years ago.  He is 17.  His 
A1c's have not been great, but better than mine.  Last week he went to his 
endo and they found protein in his urine and he had high blood ppressure.  
The doc did another test and we're waiting for the results.  They said 
because of the high amount of protein in the urine and the high bp, he most 
likely has the beginnings of kidney disease.  I'm worried and confused and 
hope that someone out there can give me some advice/encouragement/direction. 
  Why is it that he has had dm for 7 years less then me, and been in better 
control, and he is the one with the kidney problems?  Well, first of all, 
are there more than 1 thing you can have go wrong with your kidneys, or is 
this "kidney disease" the thing we've dreaded for years?  Does he face 
losing his kidneys for sure if he does indeed have kidney disease?  What 
kind of time span are we looking at from detection of protein and total 
failure, and what are some things we can do to prolong it?  Would he lose 1 
or both kidneys?  What happens when someone does lose their kidneys?  I 
mean, 20 years ago I knew of someone who had this and died soon after.  He 
went on dialysis for a while and then died.  But I am sure things are better 
now.  How successful are transplants?  They won't give livers to alcoholics, 
will they give a kidney to a diabetic?  I know we will get more info from 
the docs, but I have also been mislead by docs many many times so I want to 
hear from different people what they have read or experienced.  Do you know 
of any good books my mom and I can read about this?  Is kidney diesease more 
likely to happen to people who are related...meaning, does this run in our 
family as well?  I'm very very worried about my baby brother and would 
really appreciate any info or advice you can give.  Thanks!

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