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Re: [IP] Re: Sil Set/pumping once again

In a message dated 2/27/2002 7:41:28 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> this pump stuff is not as easy as it sounds.

No it isn't -- and you and Gabe have had a MUCH rougher start than most.  I 
truly believe that some of the blame has to be placed on the pump trainer, 
but some of it's just been the (bad) luck of the draw .  .  . Both the 
Quick-Sets and the Sof-Sets have worked very well for the vast majority of 
kids who pump, but certainly not all -- and obviously not for Gabe.   It 
sounds like you and your husband have garnered the resolve to see this pump 
trial through (and since Gabe seems to be embracing it despite the 
challenges, I'm glad that you have!).  

Try and get some sleep -- I know with 5 kids and a family to support it may 
be hard, but try to get a nap now and then.  Everything will be a lot easier 
to deal with when you're not sleep deprived (believe me, I from whereof I 
speak <g!>). 

I suspect that the difficulties you've faced have been expecially hard on you 
because *you* had such amazing control on MDI.  However, I think you've also 
come to realize that pumping has the potential to allow GABE comparable 
glucose control without quite so much adult intervention (an important part 
of his transition towards adulthood) and will also allow him to live a more 
normal lifestyle (which also become more important during his teen years).  

As difficult as this transition to pumping may be, I believe that it is 
easier to make now, before he heads off to high school and while he's still 
comfortable with having lots of parental involvement in his diabetes 
management.   You're doing a great thing for Gabe by sticking with this, 
Marion -- putting on a brave face even when you're exhausted and scared.  It 
would be so easy to retreat back to the comfortable familiarity of MDI.  So, 
give yourself a pat on the back (or better yet, ask you hubby for a back rub) 
-- and then go take a nap as soon as you can . . .

Hang in there!

Pumpmama to Katie
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