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[IP] Marion and Gabe

Wow, five kids and the schedule that goes along with being a dr - you must
be a saint! You and Gabe have been through quite a bit with the pump. I am
not sure but I think most of parents out there with a diabetic child have
one stay at home parent. I remember reading where a parent waited until the
summer (hence no school) to start the pump -I think she was a
stay-at-home-Mom. Maybe that combined with a week or so vacation time burned
would be a solution? This would make you feel better because you or your
hubby would be there 24/7 and give Gabe a chance to feel the benefits of the
pump and get used to it. 
(I know vacation time is extremely precious and hard to come by so I don't
know if this could work for you and Gabe.)
I had 2 site failures within 3 days. I unknowing ripped out the quicksets -
even being EXTREMELY careful after the first time - the tape was just not
strong enough to stick - solved problem with mastitol sp? and only use quick
sets when I know I won't be that active. Two hours with no basal and bolus
for the food can make your blood sugar go through the roof! I felt horrible
being high so long. I feel your pain - even though I could never truly know

Hopefully the sils will prove to be the answer.
Best wishes,
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