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[IP] Re: whole unit delivery

> Jan [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:
> > Right
> > now I'm on a basal of 0.7 uph - on that pump, it could figure
> > out when the
> > 1.0u should be delivered (I'm not a Jim Handsfield so don't
> > know the timing)
> > which was longer than an hour. <VBG>
> I *am* Jim Handsfield, and I don't quite understand.  How can units per
> be longer than an hour?  Do you mean the calculation of the interval
> tenths of a unit?  60 minutes divided by 7 tenths is a tenth of a unit
> eight and a half minutes.

Okay, Jimmy, I'm talking two diff. pumps here, with two diff. delivery
systems/rates. CPI delivered in whole units only. There was one basal rate
for 24 hours. Right now (MM507C) I'm on 0.7uph. On the CPI (for 9+ years) it
would have taken about 87 (1 hr. 27 min.) minutes before my present rate was
delivered at that whole-unit rate. My hugsband isn't a Jim Handsfield
either, ;) but he has a calculator and figured it out for me. <VBG> The CPI
pump could only deliver one unit at a time - therefore, if it delivered that
unit in one hour, my basal would have been much higher since *now* I'm
getting only 0.7 uph - not 1.0 uph. Is that as clear as milk glass???
(whew) (~_^)

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