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[IP] Cure in five years...

 In another 5 years, the pumps that we
> >  are using today will be improved and have different features.
> >
> I whole-heartedly agree with everything you have to say here . . . only I
> hope that your last statement turns out to be completely wrong -- because
> they've found a cure and our kids don't need pumps anymore .  . .

When I joined this list 2.5 yrs ago there were several points made about
cures. I haven't seen this thread come through for awhile, so I'm going to
revisit it.

Whom will get the cure? Only those under 5? Under 5 yrs since dx? Only those
under 20 y/o? Only Type 1's under 50? Only Type 1's over 15 y/o? Only Type
2's? Only Type 2's who are children? It could be endless.

IOW, since DM has many causes and treatments as well as *forms*, how will
the selection be made for that particular cure? What caused the original DM
and what will keep it from returning at some point?

I wish the best for all - sometimes we have to settle for the best there is
to offer, and if they keep offering better treatments, then PTL. YMMV (~_^)

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