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Re: [IP] Re: Sil Set/pumping once again

In a message dated 2/27/2002 5:03:11 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> myself.  Wish I had had my mom's support then.  You and 
> Gabe hang in there!!

Thank you; you bring tears to my eyes.  I haven't slept since we started 
pumping.  I want the pump to work so much that I am panicked when it appears 
the sets fail. 

 Last night our new Sil set appeared to fail; b.g. 190 at bedtime (high for 
us); bolus of .7 didn't work; bolus of .2 didn't work, bolus of . didn't 
work.  But, I knew Gabe had a sore throat and he had turned off the basal (we 
are pumping about .2 per hour basal) earlier in the day for hypos and I am 
not sure he had turned it back on.  Also dinner was late and had a lot of 
protein and possibly underdosed due to food substitution.  So I kept my panic 
response on hold; I gave 1 unit by syringe and he dropped to 125 by 3 a.m.  
By morning he was back up to 211 ( at 5 a.m.).  Held my ground; saw air 
bubbles in the tubing; primed the pump; reconnect; bolused .7 after the prime 
and 1 for high sugar and now he is back to 106.  I thought we were going to 
have to do a set change after 36 hours, but it turns out otherwise.  I 
remember reading that after the pump is turned off temporarily, it should be 
primed and we didn't do that.

My husband and I agreed (at 5 a.m.) that we would show "no emotion" this 
morning and simply wake Gabe a little early for a site change if needed.  
Also, that we would communicate to him that we really had to give the pump 
several weeks of trial without changing our minds or we would never really 
know.  Pumping sometimes requires extra set changes and means getting up a 
little earlier. I was prepared to be late for work and do a site change 
(maybe not in the abdomen but in the thigh or butt with the Sil; maybe the 
abdomen is just not good for him), but so far, I see that the site was okay 
and something else was going on.

That is it in a nutshell; I am crying here near my computer, but when I go to 
wake Gabe I will be all smiles and calmness and "pump routine" as usual.

Thanks for your note; I am saving it to read later when I get discouraged; 
this pump stuff is not as easy as it sounds.

(and Gabe)
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