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Re: [IP] Pumping and basals.

Marion states:  i don't feel safe yet from DKA and full pumping with lack of 
basal insulin.......  Ok I'm confused.  Why is there a lack of basal insulin? 
 Isn't that what the pump is doing 24/7, pumping in a basal rates (which is 
THE HARDEST part of getting started by the way!!!)?  So there is NO lack of 
basal insulin.  You just need to let go of the MDI thought of long acting 
insulin being used as the basal insulin. 

I have to ask once again, WHY are you even trying the pump at this stage of 
the game, when obviously MDI with Lantus and Humalog was working so well for 
you.  Like with learning to drive, some people are ready at 16 why others, 
like myself, weren't ready until 18...Point being that maybe you need to sit 
back and wait for a REASON to go on the pump and ruin a good thing you 
obviously had with shots!

Just my opinion!  Some of us struggled in the beginning but I know I was 
taught up front not to mix long acting with the pump....NEVER!!!!  Some real 
training is definately in order here!

Good Luck!   REALLY, I mean it!

mom to Joshua
It was a full year before WE got it just right!
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