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Re: [IP] Re: Sil Set/pumping once again

In a message dated 2/26/2002 8:34:37 PM Pacific Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> If a sil fails, you take it out and put in another, its not rocket science
> or string theory spot
> ----------------------------------------------------------

Well,  you make it sound so simple.  I have five kids and a full time job.  I 
want to know what to do if I have a patient scheduled at 8a.m. and Gabe has 
school and the site fails and we discover it right after the breakfast bolus; 
who stops and helps him?  Who monitors him all morning at school to see that 
any problems have been resolved? How does he change a set in the middle of a 
school day?
I guess other parents manage this, but our short experience was harrowing; 
b.g.s rise very fast; everything else gets put on hold; if you discover a 
site failure at bedtime, it is many, many times getting up all night to be 
sure the child is safe and etc.  I didn't sleep Friday or Saturday night at 

Once again, I have limited experience, very limited at that...but the sugars 
rose fast and furious and were difficult to control when the site failed.

I suppose if site changes were quick and routine, I would feel different.  I 
am afraid Gabe will simply miss the one blood sugar check that would save him 
from real trouble.  He is only 12 years old and, although he is very reliable 
and responsible, he does get distracted and involved with 12 year old boy 
activities and forgets about checking b.g.

Probably just beginners jitters, but that is how it seems from 7 failed sets 
and 1 day of a good set.

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