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RE: [IP] pump comparison

Karen wrote:
I'd like to get some opinions on the different brands of pumps...Since my
daughter is on just 17 units a day, the Animas rep has told me that being
able to adjust her basal by .05 increments would be good.  The other
companies claim, for various reasons, that it doesn't make a difference.  I
prefer a lot of the features on the Paradigm, but if the Animas would give
us better control, I'd go with the Animas.  Has anyone switched from a
Minimed pump to an Animas and noticed a difference in control?
I can't give you a comparison to the MiniMed. But I did switch from a
Disetronic HTron to the Animas (which have similar deliveries) and I know
that the capability of .05 increments has given me better control.
People/companies need to be careful in making such across the board claims.
While the small increments might not make a difference for a majority of
users, I believe it does for those who are very insulin sensitive and use
small amounts. My total daily basal requirements rarely exceed 8 units. My
individual insulin requirements are also the reason I ruled out using a
MiniMed model because the temp increases and decreases were only available
in units, not percentages. Maybe they've changed this on the Paradigm.


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