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Re: [IP] Re: Highs after Site Change

At 07:42 AM 2/26/02 William Eddie Hollyfield wrote:
 >I guess I don't know what is left in? I have all this tape on the site and
 >the tubing that goes into the site. Addionally the 2 hr why do we want to
 >get beyond the peak of the insulin versus time curve that is given in the
 >information on insulin. The other question is regarding infection. Anyone
 >who has difficulty with infection should not use this technique, right.
 >Thanks for taking time from your busy day to help understand this procudure.

Each person will be different. If a pumper has a problem with infections, 
then don't use this technique. However, if it works, it's a good method. I 
don't think you can be too scientific with this stuff. This is not a 
precise technique and can vary widely with each person and at even vary at 
different times. I think it's just a matter of using common sense. If the 
technique works, use it. If it doesn't, don't use it.

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