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RE: [IP] Re eating what you want/ Total Insulin

>Just how much insulin do "most" people pump daily??????

Ah, the loaded question of the day...  :)

This will vary, by person.  So "most" people will be very different.  Before
going on the pump I had been taking 80-90 units a day (NPH and H) to "try"
to control my diabetes.  Since I was 23 and had been doing this amount for 5
or so years, my doctor was concerned I was developing insulin insensitivity.
She had heard that the pump often reduced the amount of daily insulin a
person needed since the blood sugars were held more stable.  Well after
three weeks on the pump we discovered that I needed only 35-45 units a day.
50% of what I'd been taking!   It turns out that most of my highs must have
been rebounds.  I am still amazed that I am walking around today after so
much insulin being in my system.

My current range goes from 25-45 for daily units.  It depends on what I eat
during the day.  Since my diet is usually high in carbs I tend to average in
the 35-40 range.  Only 14.3 of that is basal.  My problem is that after all
those years of over-insulating I had built up a tolerance and need more
insulin to bring my bg back down.  I am 5'5" and 155 lbs.  I have a carb
ratio of 1:10 and a correction ratio of 1:30 which are much higher then the
"average" for my height/weight.  Although, I am slowly regaining my
sensitivity since starting the pump.  My original ratios were 1:9 and 1:25.

The important thing to realize is that you need to take the amount that is
right for you and not worry about the total so much.

-- Sherry
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