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Re: [IP] Re: Highs after Site Change

I guess I don't know what is left in? I have all this tape on the site and the tubing that goes into the site. Addionally the 2 hr why do we want to get beyond the peak of the insulin versus time curve that is given in the information on insulin. The other question is regarding infection. Anyone who has difficulty with infection should not use this technique, right.
Thanks for taking time from your busy day to help understand this procudure.
> > There is one basic question about the "leave in"technique. If I have the
> > quick disconnect from MM and I don't take out the old site, what insulin is
> > available to the old site. It is through the tubing to the quick disconnect,
> > 5-10 units( I really don't know ). 
> Only the set is left remaining.  No additional insulin is available except that small amount that was primed into the set when it was inserted.  If someone is extra sensitive to 
> insulin, perhaps they should account for that additional 0.1 to 0.7 units available (depending on set type and length) and the "capillary differental pressure".   As always, you 
> should check your Bgs regularly to avoid "conditions a low BS should be obserbed" (sic) 
> George      ;>)


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