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[IP] Pumping and basals.

Okay; does anyone pump and still use Lantus or UL for some of the basal?  I 
think this thread has already been discussed and I am probably just feeling 
the jitters about the pump after 7 quicksets failed.

With a dose of UL or Lantus working and some basal running at a lower rate 
through the pump, one could theoretically disconnect eaiser; take a "pump 
vacation" easier; delay a site change easier, and simply have more security 
for the anxious Mother.

Just a thought.  Gabe will get used to whatever I tell him; right now our 
agreement is UL every twelve hours (at a reduced dose with .1 per hour 
pumping basal) until we get three sets that work for at least two to three 
days without major problems.

Am I nuts?  (don't be mean when you answer that)

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