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[IP] Re: more mashed potatoes

Linda Kelly wrote:
"Am I the only one who thought the RD was making a little joke?  Or getting
client/patient's attention?  Linda K"
Believe us, we also thought this at first, but our friend said, "She told me
no mashed potatoes.  I kept asking why 'cause I thought she had to be
teasing me since they're listed under 'Starches/Breads', and she just said
'You can't'."
All of us friends have encouraged her to seek out another dietician or
persist with this one to get a full explanation of why.  About 6 other
friends here who are Type 2's have gone through a 2 day (4 hrs each day)
nutrition course which they've encouraged the friend to take, all told her
as well as us telling her that there is a way to have mashed potatoes, just
not every day.  I don't know if she believes us, but several have pulled out
their meal plans, exchange/carb lists to show her that mashed potatoes are
listed on theirs as well as hers.  Info from all of you has been shared with
her, but don't know if she even believes that.  All have suggested just
trying some, then checking blood sugar 2 hrs later.
Think our friend is beginning to feel overwhelmed at this point, so we all
are not going to mention mashed potatoes again until she brings it up.  She
is really beginning to question every bit of food she eats with a "should
I/shouldn't I" attitude.  It's scary.
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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