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Re: [IP] Discrimination?

  Having been chair of the board of a not-for-profit church related 
preschool, I would like to offer another perspective. I expect the 
director's response is out of ignorance and fear, not discrimination. 
She / he may have misinformation of the needs of a diabetic child or may 
have had a bad experience with a diabetic relative or acquaintance.

I understand, as the parent of a child with diabetes and as an active 
church member, how horribly disappointing and upsetting this must be. 
But I hope you can learn and understand where the director is coming 
from. Then you can calmly re-educate. Try to approach the director 
calmly with questions, such as "why do you think this will be a 
problem?" or "could I arrange for some basic diabetes training for the 
staff?" I think your offer of being on the premises was a good one and I 
would ask her why that is not acceptable.

If the director is still unwilling to negotiate, then I would go to her 
board of directors. If that isn't effective, then I would go talk to the 

I agree that your child should be allowed to attend. However, I'm not 
sure that a not-for-profit church related preschool falls under the same 
laws as a public school. Most importantly, you are more likely to get 
what you want if you negotiate rather than threaten law suit.

Jennifer Harkleroad wrote:

>I have to say(I am the D, not my children) that if my church did this, I would
>look for another church after raising a lot of sand.  She is fully capable of
>participating in all activities, and should not be treated this way.  I am
>appalled at such a lack of caring and compassion for you as well as your
>child. This sounds like "stone age" attitudes.  Yes, the adults would have to
>be more "on top of things" if she were to attend, but think about it.
>While it is a private facility, that is discrimination in its most blatant
>form.  This should not be allowed private or public.  I am sure that it would
>cost big bucks to fight it legally, but I think I would write letters to the
>"powers that be" in your church.  I would also make sure I wrote a letter to
>the editor of my local newspaper, describing the situation so that the
>community knows what these people are like.  I have 4 girls and all went to
>church preschools.  I know how m
>oms talk.  A few well-chosen words, and the
>preschool will have a bad reputation.  You might mess with me, but don't mess
>with my children. I am sure you feel the same way.  Please let us know what
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