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[IP] pump comparison

I'd like to get some opinions on the different brands of pumps.
I don't want to jinx it, but I think we might have my daughter's endo
convinced that we should give the pump a try.  I have talked to reps of
the three big pump companies.  Since my daughter is on just 17 units a
day, the Animas rep has told me that being able to adjust her basal by
.05 increments would be good.  The other companies claim, for various
reasons, that it doesn't make a difference.  I prefer a lot of the
features on the Paradigm, but if the Animas would give us better control,
I'd go with the Animas.  Has anyone switched from a Minimed pump to an
Animas and noticed a difference in control?
Karen, mom to Lauren 6 (dx 11/00) and Megan 4 
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