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Re: [IP] Re eating what you want

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From: Joann Brown <email @ redacted>
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Date: Monday, February 25, 2002 1:46 PM
Subject: [IP] Re eating what you want

>Just a question or two, but this idea of using the pump" to eat what you
>when you want" doesn't seem righr to me.
>Just how much insulin do "most" people pump daily??????
> I have seen 25 and 30 units posted on this site.However what about people
>require larger daily amounts?
> I can need anywhere between 35 to 65 units daily depending on where I am
>my menstrual cycle and that's just sticking to my usual carbo counting
>dread to think what my requirements would rise to if I did eat what I
>when I wanted.

Depends on if you want to be like a "normal" person. Their pancreases put
out whatever amount of insulin is necessary to deal with what they eat, and
if they eat too much, they get fat.

However, the AMOUNT of insulin that people use is variable, because each
person has a different degree of insulin resistance. Some non-diabetic are
insulin-resistant and their pancreases secrete a lot, and others aren't and
their pancreases don't secrete as much. They just aren't MEASURING the way
you are!!!!!

I haven't got a clue where you are on the IR curve, but it does no good to
compare to anyone else, because they will be someplace different. You need
to take whatever amount YOU need to control BGs; it has nothing to do with
whatever anyone else is taking.

>I do know that large amounts of insulin can cause damage to small blood
>vessels which I dread.

So far as anything has been proven, it is that large amounts of GLUCOSE
cause damage to small blood vessels. Hyperinsulinemia (which occurs in very
insulin-resistant non-diabetics) may or may not contribute to large-vessel
disease -- it hasn't really been proven either way.

Take the insulin you need, eat healthy and do your best on BGs!

Natalie ._c-
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