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[IP] Blood Glucose Test strips--other purposes?

Thought that I would write and ask all the collected wisdom here what they 
knew about this.
    I recently moved to a new province where pharmaceutical prescriptions are 
partly covered by a government insurance plan.  After our 3 month waiting 
period was over, I got an RX from a GP doctor (still waiting to see new Endo 
and new Paediatrician) and went last week to get Claire's bg test strips and 
insulin refilled.  After I paid $500 for her test strips, the pharmacist 
said, "Oh by the way, these strips aren't counted toward your deductible 
because you haven't given us a certificate showing that you were trained in 
how to use them.  And if you do later get this certificate it can't be 
applied retroactively."
     When I phoned the gov't office to complain about this, the guy said that 
this training was necessary because people can use bg test strips for all 
sorts of purposes.  He said something about bg test strips being able to test 
heroin and other drugs, etc.  Well I have never heard of this and thought I 
would ask you guys what you know.   
Thanks for any input
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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