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[IP] Type II's and RD's


I'm offended, too, by Roxanne's remarks, though I have Type I.  But let's not
start drawing blood here (or the IP list managers are going to get down on us
all!)  We know she's wrong.  No point in getting too defensive about it (i.e.,
beating a dead horse!)  For the record, Roxanne, Type II diabetes is a much
more complex disease than Type I.  The havoc that has been wreaked on all
ethnic groups here in the U.S. due to lifestyle changes is enormous.  In less
than 75 years, we have switched to a diet based on processed, high-sugar
foods.   We have also seen machinery take over much of manual labor.
Metabolisms are going haywire.  This is a public health crisis that will
certainly not be ameliorated by burnt out diabetes educators fed up with the
failures they are seeing.  Roxanne, it is always wise to try to see things
from someone else's point of view if you want to bring about change.  Changing
one's lifestyle does not hold the same degree of challenge for everyone.
Feeling smug about handling a problem better than someome else can be a
fleeting feeling.  There but for the grace of God go I.

Carol Evans
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