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[IP] Mashed Potatoes

I couldn't live without mashed potatoes.  I am not sure by "overly processed"
if the sender of the following message was using real potatoes or boxed - but
I love mashed potatoes - just count the carbs.  I have never made potatoes out
of a box and never will so I just count the same carbs for mashed potatoes as
for boiled, baked, etc. and bolus accordingly.  (BTW - one of my kids (age 12
at the time) had a friend for supper one night and I was peeling potatoes and
the girl asked "what I was doing".  I said "peeling potatoes for mashed
potatoes" and the girl seriously said "don't they come out of a box?"  I
thought I was going to die laughing - she had absolutely no idea that mashed
potatoes really could come from potatoes!)

>I don't often eat mashed potatoes because they're overly processed, and many
>overly processed foods spike my BGs higher, but that's me. If I like a food,
I> am going to eat it. I just don't care enough for mashed potatoes to want
>eat them often. However, I do on occasion -- especially with ancho mashed
>or maybe bleu cheese mashed in. Same thing with bananas (sans ancho or bleu
>cheese <g>).
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