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[IP] initial diagnosis

I was "diagnosed" type 2 at age 37.  Had a BS reading of 82 the prior year on
physical - had a BS reading of 358 during physical  the next year at age 37
(had felt ROTTEN) for the prior six months.  The CDE had me on what seemed
like "every" pill available for diabetes with no luck.  Three months after
diagnosis had a C-peptide test which came back "normal" so they would not put
me on insulin.  Spent the next 3 years going around and around with the CDE
and dietician with me wanting insulin and them saying "try harder".  BTW - I
was eating almost nothing - taking 8 pills a day - and exercising 2 to 3 hours
per day just to keep readings between 150 and 250.  Finally got a NEW CDE who
put me on insulin at the first appt I had with her and boy did I immediately
start to feel better.  So, the C-peptide test is not always the right
indicator - mine said it was "normal" but obviously the insulin being secreted
was definitely not enough or not doing its job.  Now have been pumping for 15
months and feel SO much better.
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