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Re: [IP] Highs after site change

> Hey,
> Thank you for this question. This might be a difficulty for some
> people and one must be careful. One only has visual observations of
> a clear liquid that stops coming out. In some cases I have seen non
> clear liquids coming out which I think is body fluids.
> With the tecnique of leaving the old site in, how does determine how
> long to leave the old site in since there is a lot of insulin
> available for adsorption.

The rate of insulin absorption is related to the kind of insulin not 
the volume. The typical time to leave the old site in can be 
determined by looking at the insulin activity graphs provide in the 
package insert for the insulin. Basically you want to get beyond the 
peak indicated on the graph. Individual vary a bit from the 
"average", but usually not by a lot. In general, 2 hours should work 
pretty good for Humalog and Novolog/NovoRapid and 4 hours for most 
regular insulins.

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