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Re: [IP] Sinus surgery tomorrow- need advice

> > Who is telling you that you have to take your pump off? The hospital?
> Can't
> > your doctor override them?
> The pre-accessment team demanded it as during my interview I had a
> minor (for me) hypo of 55 (of course my pre-op accesment took 4
> hours and I had skipped breakfast like an idiot!) and they prefer
> highs to lows there. Before they starton me, I am demanding no
> glucose or dextrose in my IV. If they refuse that, I will refuse to
> undergo the surgery!

It is normal to run glucose during surgery. For a patient with 
diabetes they would also run IV insulin. This allows the 
anesthisologist to rapidly adjust blood sugar levels to prevent any 
adverse reaction during surgery including but not limited to
something bad that could cause you to go into shock. While this is 
highly unlikely, it gives him/her the option. I have a friend in the 
profession and he typically keeps diabetics around 200 just so he has 
time to react. Bg's are low on their priority of things to fix in an 
emergency situation. There are lots of other vitals that they control 
during surgery that are more important. You should have a chat with 
the anesthisologist. He/she is the most important member of the 
surgery team and responsible for your health/life during the surgery. 
The surgeon is just the mechanic :-)

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