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RE: [IP] Sil Set

Marion wrote:
Please tell me your opinions; shall I try to insist on using the insertion
device or just go for inserting the Sil without the device.  Elamax is a
must.    But shall we try with or without the device?
- ----------------------------------------------------------
First, regarding sils vs. quicksets and some of the problems you've had with
the quicksets: some people just need to use an infusion set that can be
inserted at a very shallow angle. I am one of those. I did try the quicksets
because I thought they would be the answer to my problem of having to dodge
the blood vessels (which for me are many and near the surface). But I had
problems with kinking and bleeding that I never had with sils. So I'm
sticking with the sils.

As far as using the inserter, I think the inserter limits you on how shallow
you can insert. I use a very shallow angle, almost just under the skin. I
also insert only 1/2 or 2/3 of the way in because of the lack of continuous,
blood vessel free area. I think Animas is coming out with a similar set that
has a slightly shorter cannula. I'm anxious to try that.

Finding the right combination that works can be frustrating. I hope you find
what works for you and Gabe.

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