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[IP] Re Marion and Gabe

Dear Marion,

I wholeheartedly agree with Sylvia.  You seem to be exhausted with the
never-ending saga of Gabe and the pump.  It sounds to me like you and your
son have a recipe for success on MDI .  Why mess with it?

I realize you are a conscientious and informed mother who is trying to do
her best for her child.  but it seems to me that you already HAVE the best.
Your son is enjoying excellent - more than excellent - control, with
minimal invasion to his life activities.  He doesn't mind the shots, his
a1cs are near-perfect, and he eats, as you have put it, just about what he
wants.  What else can you possibly strive for?  That he not be diabetic?
That's not going to happen.

The pump is one tool of many in the treatment of diabetes.  Yes, many have
found great success with it (and it certainly does have some advantages
over MDI), others are doing moderately well, and still others are not doing
well at all.  You are obviously totally focused on your son, but have you
read any of the posts in the IP Digest that do NOT answer your questions?
Have you read about so many of us pumpers who continue to struggle and
sacrifice and try any number of strategies to control our glucose, and
still come up short?  Do you realize how many of us would kill to have a1cs
like Gabe has?

In my humble opinion, you are tormenting yourself needlessly.  Gabe is now
12. As you know, Gabe's life will change drastically in the years to come.
One of those changes may be to the insulin pump.  Perhaps as he grows older
he will tire of injections and being so dependent on Mom and want to change
his therapy.  Or maybe not.  Marion, perhaps in the years to come a CURE
will happen (please God) and there will be no need for ANY kind of therapy.
And, if we are still living, we pumpers won't ever have to worry again
about bad sites, deteriorated insulin, leakages, dead batteries, allergies,
or any of the other myriad pump-specific problems that are NOT present with

In the meantime, I congratulate both you and Gabe for your magnificent
dominance - on MDI - of this terrible disease. I'm sure the rest of us
admire your tenacity and ruthless pursuit of an even better way.

But maybe it's time to just take a rest and enjoy life with your
marvelously well-controlled diabetic son.

Best regards,
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