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RE: [IP] Re: tx means treatment - addendum

According to Steadman's Medical Dictionary:

TX (all capitals) - abbreviation for individual thromboxanes.

Which led me to look up thromboxanes: A group of compounds, included in the
eicosanoids, formally based on thromboxane, but with the terminal COOH group
present; biochemical related to the prostaglandins and formed from them
through a series of steps involving the formation of an end peroxide (an O-O
bridge between carbons 9 and 11 in the prostaglandins) by a cyclooxygenase,
followed by a rearrangement (catalyzed by thromboxane synthase) that inserts
one of the two oxygen atoms between carbons 11 and 12, leaving the other
still bridging carbons 9 and 11.

I hope this clears everything up.  8-)

Jim Handsfield
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