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Re: [IP] Re: Age at diagnosis

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>A slight up-trend still doesn't mean Type I diagnosis in mid-twenties and
>beyond is common. It is still uncommon overall. When a bunch of Type I
>diabetics get together and, say, 10 of them were diagnosed in adulthood and
>one of them suggests that this may be evidence diagnosis after age 20  is
>common, I have to dispute that.

This topic has been discussed before, but I don't have the reference.

At any rate, statistics show that the diagnosis rate of Type 1 goes UP in
adulthood, not down.

That is to say, more Type 1's are diagnosed as adults than as children. But
if you only talk to people in their 20's, you will not see that, because
there are lots of 20 somethings out there who will develop Type 1 at a later

The other thing that confuses things is that, as a PERCENTAGE of the
diabetic population, Type 1 goes down as people age, but that's because the
increase in Type 2 diagnoses is far greater than Type 1 diagnoses. But it
doesn't imply that Type 1 diagnosis is rare in adults compared to children.

Natalie ._c-
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