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Re: [IP] Sinus surgery tomorrow- need advice

> Who is telling you that you have to take your pump off? The hospital?
> your doctor override them?

The pre-accessment team demanded it as during my interview I had a minor
(for me) hypo of 55 (of course my pre-op accesment took 4 hours and I had
skipped breakfast like an idiot!) and they prefer highs to lows there.
Before they starton me, I am demanding no glucose or dextrose in my IV. If
they refuse that, I will refuse to undergo the surgery!

I have a "do not remove pump" card and medical order and may have to have my
endo get involved actively. He wassmply informed I had to have this done to
fix my chronic snusitus and breathing probs. The hospital doesn't deal with
pumps at all, and my ENT surgeon said I was to do what they wanted me to do!
For my D&C I wore my pump and see no reason to not wear Fluffy. Plus I have
an awesome set in right now, don't wanna lose a few extra days use from a
working and happy set.

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