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[IP] sil sets

Marion, I hope using the sil sets smoothes everything out for Gabe.  I 
started with Tenders (same as sils) and had no major problems.  Then I 
switched to Ultraflex (straight in at a 90 degree angle like the Quick set) 
and had very unpredictable results.  Sometimes good, sometimes very, very 
bad.  Also, I had a few of those pop out.  And other times I experienced 
skyrocketing bs for no apparent reason.  So, needless to say, I switched back 
to Tenders and more predictable bs.    For those of you who wonder why I 
switched, I found the 90 degree angle slightly more comfortable, but the 
comfort was not worth the havoc it brought on my control.   This is, of 
course, my own personal experience.  I know others have no problems with the 
90 degree angle.  All I can say is I'm thankful we have options.  
By the way, I wouldn't want to use an inserter.  I prefer to have complete 
control over the insertion process.  I don't really find it painful at all.
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