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Re: [IP] Sinus surgery tomorrow- need advice

At 12:04 PM 2/25/02, you wrote:
>Hi Pumpers,
>   Tomorrow I get to go get septoplasty and sinus reconstruction surgery. Oh
>joy!  I was told to disconnect from Fluffy the pump when I arrive at the
>hospital and have my sugar at 70-100. No way am I gonna stay at those #'s
>without my pump on so I told them to have my spouse reconnect me in the
>recovery room but they will not let me pump until released from the
>hospital...grrrr! That bothers me to no end! I will be complaining and
>loudly:)  Has anyone on the list had a septoplasty and sinus surgery before?
>What was it like being diabetic? Did it hurt?
>Type Weird since 1984
>Pumping since Feb 7, 2000
>Randi "Pixie" Bruner

Pixie, I had that same type of surgery back in the middle 80's.  I had such 
a bad sinus infection that my BG's were in the 900's (and I was still 
functioning, but sick as a dog).  They did not do the sinus reconstruction 
surgery at that time.  I was not on the pump at that time, but it didn't 
hurt much afterwards.  You'll probably have a large bandage over you nose 
for a couple of days, and possibly have some black and blue marks around 
the nose (I know, now very pretty).  Good luck.

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