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Re: [IP] Re: Pumps

The doctor really thinks the pump is better.  Gabe wants to continue to try 
it.  You can get better control on the pump, although Gabe's HBA1C was alreay 
5.8, he has trouble eating protein/fat (meat, chicken, pizza) without extra 
shots and his dawn rise is hard to manage.

I think I really have to turn it over to Gabe at this point.  I see the pump 
as more dangerous for DKA and I don't like that.  But, if he is willing to 
start carrying a meter and check every 4 hours or so, then he can pump and I 
will stand behind him.

I can't let my fear and anxiety block him from something that would give him 
more freedom from me, from injections, from restricted food choices, 
correction injections and etc.  But, he will have the responsbility of extra 
b.g. checks.  He now checks mandatory 4 times and I check at 3 a.m.  With the 
pump, he has to add a morning check, after school check and mid evening check 
and has to check even if he is delaying a meal.  That will be the rule.

So, he needs to decide based on reason and a reliable set.  We are going to 
the CDE later to try the Sil.

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