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Re: [IP] problems w/ highs

<< This just has me really concerned. I have been so careful with everything 
(diet (I eat well (lots of salad) and count everything), exercise often, and 
measure my blood sugar7+ times a day) and I just feel totally out of control 
and hate it! >>

Hi Meha,

I know.  It's incredibly frustrating.  You're newly diagnosed, but the thing 
you will come to understand about diabetes is that even when you do 
everything you should be doing, you will not be able to control your BGs 
perfectly every day.  Someone on the list posted a while back that there are 
up to 100 factors that affect BG, and we can only control three of them 
(diet, exercise, insulin dose).

My best advice is, when changes occur in your body and you for some reason 
require more insulin, don't make a judgment about it.  Just give your body 
what it needs.  It doesn't mean your diabetes is "worse."  Sometimes I'm on 
30 units a day, other times I'm on 20--it just depends on what my body needs 
at the time.  I used to get upset about it, and feel there must be something 
wrong, but I now just increase my basals until I have it handled.

Being on this list and hearing the experiences of so many people has helped, 
because I now understand that these fluctuations in insulin requirements 
occur for MANY (if not most).  I have a renewed appreciation of how complex 
our bodies are:  Imagine that the non-diabetic body can handle all these 
differing needs without the person being aware!

You and your endo have already eliminated the possibility that you're doing 
something "wrong."  Just keep doing what you're doing, because it's a healthy 
way of life, and do your best to give your body what it's telling you it 
needs by increasing basals or adjusting carb ratios as needed.  By what 
you've told us, I'd say you're a pretty normal diabetic!   ;-)

all the best,
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