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I am an Early Intervention Specialist in Ohio. I work with children and families who's childred have special needs.  I have heard many stories of why children have not been let into private preschools.  This one is too much- although I am extra sensitive to this subject due to having a child with diabetes.  My first thought is that they are making this decision out of fear.  What I am amazed at is you have offered to be in the building at all times  What do they thing could happen? I my program is is usually the opposite- I want the parent to be  gone so the child can interact with other children on their own!  What's also shocking about your story is that its your church who's telling you this.  My church is like a family. How can your family tell you they don't want your child to participate? I quess you have 2 choices. One is to fight it and educate these people.  You could do them and your daughter a big favor by opening the doors to acceptance. Or you could find another!
 church.  I wondering if they are this hungup about a diabetic child then it is probably just the tip of the iceburg!  Hang in there.  Your post has me wondering how many times my  child has not been
included for things because of his disease. It makes me want to watch a little more carefully.
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