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[IP] Re: Discrimination?

<<My 3 year old daughter has been denied access to our church's preschool 
program next fall because of her diabetes. >>

Dear Kris,
     I am so sorry that you have experienced this with little Anna.  It is 
really shocking.
     My Claire was dx at age 2 and the following year I enrolled her in a 
pre-school, privately run.  You know, I never even considered the possibility 
that a pre-school might refuse her entry.  But I just told the teachers (a 
Mum and daughter team) the basics of care, they felt it was no problem.  The 
public health nurse checks all licensed pre-schools and told them to get a 
bit more info from me.  I went with the class on all outings, as I still do 
with Claire now in Grade 2.  
       I do hope you are successful in battling this.  Best of luck.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
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