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[IP] Re:discremination

I, too, have been in the ministry for many years, and a type 1 diabetic for 
at least as long.  Over the years I've seen the laws change considerably.  
The threat of lawsuits lurk around every corner.  Churches are not immune.  
Churches and part-time church daycares are not publicly funded, but it is 
usually suggested that we meet the strict guidelines laid down by state 
agencies.  They do this mostly for the protection of the church in the event 
of a lawsuit for something like abuse.  Laws differ from state to state and 
some churches choose to take the risk of not setting up their childcare 
ministries to abide by the laws of the state.  Policies and procedures, 
whether they meet the state laws or not, are in place in most 
church-sponsored daycares.  As far as I'm concerned, it is a wise decision on 
the part of part-time or volunteer church childcare to turn down a special 
needs child if they think they cannot provide adequate care for the child.  
The child could be placed in danger and the church is wise to admit that they 
might not be able to handle the situation.

Quite frankly, most church daycares and other nursery opportunities are 
staffed by volunteers or part-time workers who have little or no formal 
training.  While the care they provide can be excellent, they are certainly 
not equipped, nor do they have the special funds to train their workers for 
special needs children.  I personally would not want my child to be placed in 
danger in the hands of someone who is, at the very least, not excited about 
learning how to take care of my child.

I do not think the decision by this church sounds like discrimination or a 
mean-spirited slap in the face.  I would think they are trying to protect the 
child by letting you know that they don't feel they can handle the challenge 
of a young diabetic child for extended hours.  Bottom line is you probably 
need to find a daycare that is equipped by state funds to handle a situation 
like this.  Your church is admitting it can't handle it.  Be thankful.
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