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[IP] Re: Sil Set


It's really very simple to insert a silhouette (Comfort, Tender-- all the 
same).  We never used an inserter (of course, since it just came out!) and 
never had any problems.  My daughter is now 12 but began pumping at age 8.  
She used sil exclusively the first 3 years and usually put them in herself.  
We never used Emala or ice---- She just did it.  She preps with alcohol (I 
know it can be drying, but works for her) and then follow with Skin-Prep.  We 
never used extra tapes with the Sil.  In the 3 years she used them I think we 
had about 3 fall out.  One time it happened when she was hanging by her knees 
on the monkey bars and her pump fell out of her pocket!  I don't really 
remember any kinks in the catheter or any other problems.  We do put them by 
pinching the skin and then using a deliberate, quick motion.  The suggested 
angle is 30 degrees but we probably used a lesser angle.  She used them in 
her abdominal area and her buttocks/hip area.  The example of inserting them 
like a "plane coming in for a landing" has always seemed like a good 
description to me.
       She has been using the Soft-sets (short tubing and micros) since last 
July and they work well for her, too.  She likes the inserter and finds it 
easier to put them in her backside area with the inserter.  She uses just the 
tape provided and that has been sufficient.  She has had one site fall out 
since starting with them in July, a couple kinks in catheter after a day or 
two,  once a connector broke, and once the needle bent as it was being 
inserted and made it impossible to pull needle out so had to remove whole 
set.  I mention these only to let you know that we have had very few problems 
with these sets.  Even these few problems were easily corrected and no big 
       So should you use an inserter with the sil?  If it makes it easier for 
you, ask for one.  But it may just complicater an already simple insertion 

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