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Re: [IP] Type II and RD's

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Date: Sunday, February 24, 2002 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Type II and RD's

>You seem to not realize that many patients (since most DMers are Type II,
>that is the biggest population that we see), want 'detail.'  All too
>frequently we are told 'Can't you just write me out a month of menus?'  The
>answer is 'No!'  We can't be responsible for their disease.  And often the
>not want more than the basics.  The ones' that want more get the whole

Well, your responsibility then would be to refer them to materials that DO
give menus -- I know the ADA published several books, I think they're call
"Month of Meals".

And ya know something? My dietitian, when I told her I was intimidated by
recipes and meal plans, DID write me out a list of possible meals -- none of
which required cooking, but would meet the recommended meal plan. Of course,
she charged me for it, but she was a professional, and I willingly paid for
her time. And out of my own pocket, too, because my ins. wouldn't cover any
kind of dietitian for any reason.

This dietitian was compassionate and intelligent enough to understand that I
have had a poor relationship with food all my life, and that even THINKING
about food or cooking or portion control was scary to me. Still is, for that
matter, but she did a lot to ease my fears, even if she couldn't cure them

I still cook only very few things, and DON'T make plans for complete
meals -- usually eat only one food per meal -- but at least I have a good
understanding of how the food will affect my blood sugar, and can dose
insulin accordingly.

Again, I feel fortunate to have had her as a dietitian and my only regret is
that she moved away to study for an advanced degree -- lucky for her future
patients, even if sad for me!

Natalie ._c-
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