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In a message dated 2/24/2002 7:56:38 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I certainly do not want to argue about something that is working for you but
> I do not understand the "less dangerous 

With Ultralente working in for twelve hours, Gabe can literally go without 
checking his b.g. if he is not going to eat.  If he feels low, he takes a 
tablet and only has to check if he continuously feels low, which is not 
often.  If he eats at 7 a.m. and leaves the house, he can delay lunch (which 
you can do with a pump too) and not check his b.g. again til he is ready to 

I would never let him go that many hours without checking with a pump.  I 
would insist on mid morning, mid afternoon and mid evening b.g. checks while 
now he has only before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime.  We check always 
at 3 a.m. even with MDI.

Having seen how quickly a site can go bad, I will never feel as safe with the 
pump as I do with Ultralente and Humalog.  The Minimed 508 did not alarm til 
7.4 units of bolus were detected as missing.  The Paradigm will supposedly 
alarm with 3 units missing.  At a basal rate of .5 (preliminary), that is 6 
hours the site could go without delivering and no alarm.  His b.g.s with the 
failed sites were over 300 and he was using Ultralente in reduced doses the 
whole time.  If he was depending on the pump for basal and bolus, then I 
cannot imagine what his b.g. would be after six hours of no delivery.  He 
will be forced to check much more frequently with the pump.

The freedom from injections was great.  The ability to use tenths of units of 
insulin to dose was fantastic.  The square wave bolus was a dream come true.  
The two days of pumping was the closest to be a "normal kid" he has been in 
three years.

However, I will always worry more with the pump and Gabe will have to agree 
to the extra checks.  What if the one site in a hundred that fails is the one 
day we get lazy about checking?  Also, it was hell to get his b.g.s back to 
normal after the failed site; replacing both basal and bolus was tricky and 
intense.  With MDI, the highs are easily corrected, usually with one 

IMHO....I am scared of that pump, and now I know why.  But it is a marvelous 

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