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RE: [IP] Type II and RD's

Sorry you feel that you have to be so defensive towards non educating the
type II's, etc. etc. etc.

I hear where you are coming from and I also hear where by Type II's are
coming from....most of them are in denial that they have this disease and if
it's a diet and exercise only, then they feel that they don't have it bad

I know this because of my dumb ass oldest brother who has been border line
on and off for years together with high blood pressure and other stuff and
you'd think he'd have some brains in his head to have seen what my other
brother and I have been through our whole lives being type I since 11 and 13
respectively.  His attitude was "well if they tell me I'm diabetic, then I'm
diabetic and then I'll stay on a diet"...now we all know that a lot of type
II can be prevented but like I said, they are in denial and want to live
their lives as they did before....

Most wait until they have complications or happen to have a blood test that
puts them on notice that they actually have a problem which is not a good

Nevertheless, we need to make them aware, and I'm not just referring to
dieticians, doctors, nurses, etc. but everyone needs to make them aware of
the complications that can develop and we need to make them aware of proper
diets and keep on reminding them of it....and we also need to be
compassionate in recognizing their denial...

Most of us Type I's have gone through a denial of the disease at least once
in our lives as well, now haven't we????

Just wanting to set the record straight here and didn't mean an insult to
anyone :)
Kathy B.
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